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About Solar

I’m Paddy Caffrey – proud father of 4 incredible children and the devoted husband to the love of my life. My journey took me from Ireland to the USA in 2009, ignited by an inner fire to achieve more and better myself. This vibrant country became more than just a place; it became the soil in which I nurtured my aspirations. As life unfolded, that inner fire roared back to life, urging me to pursue deeper purpose. Through life coaching and self-discovery, I found my true calling in providing authentic value to others. Driven by dreams of making a difference, solar energy became my path to have a positive impact on both families and communities. 

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Portrait of Paddy Caffrey

As a father, I'm dedicated to showing my children the beauty of chasing dreams and making a positive impact. This passion extends to my commitment to solar energy – a path that secures our financial future while painting a greener legacy. My desire to help others found its outlet in becoming a volunteer firefighter in my community. Here, I give more than I take, fostering a sense of unity and support. 


As an electrician since the age of 18, I've been intrigued by the potential of solar power and renewable energy. Today, as a seasoned electrician, I bring my expertise to designing your solar systems, ensuring they're executed to the highest possible standards. My approach blends innovative solutions with a personalized touch, setting us apart in the solar landscape.


Choosing Fíor Solar isn't just a choice; it's an invitation to become part of a dedicated family committed to your success. Embark on this solar journey with us and let's shape a brighter, more sustainable future together. Reach out today, and let's transform your solar dreams into a tangible reality, one step at a time.

Black and white portrait of Paddy Caffrey with his wife  and four young children sitting on a wooden path in a meadow
Paddy Caffrey relaxing in a living room with his wife and four young children.
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Tired of paying high energy bills that go up and up each month and end up costing more each year? There is a better way to power your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

Let's explore what solar power can do for you!


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