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Experience the difference of a solar solution provider that values transparency, education, and putting the customer first. These homeowners joined us on a journey toward sustainable energy empowerment and we are proud to share their stories.

An Expert's Touch  IN WAYNE, NJ

This collaborative endeavor between Fíor Solar and our partners at Powur PBC culminated in a remarkable solar installation, nestled within a vibrant community in Wayne, NJ, atop a sleek flat roof.

Harnessing the power of innovation, we opted for Enphase inverters and Q cell panels, integrated with a meticulously placed ballasted mounting system. This strategic placement on the recently upgraded flat roof is a testament to our commitment to precision and design integrity.


As with any ambitious project, unforeseen challenges emerged, including equipment logistics and unpredictable weather conditions. These delays, beyond our control, could have cast a shadow on the project. However, true to our ethos of transparency and partnership, we kept the family engaged at every juncture. Updates flowed seamlessly, and clarity prevailed because no matter the circumstances, we stand by our clients and ensure we do everything possible to provide satisfaction.


Today, the homeowner basks in the glow of clean energy production, now free from the clutches of escalating utility costs. With Fíor Solar's expert touch, a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution is now a reality.


Wayne, NJ

Clients Become Cherished Friends  IN WARETOWN, NJ

Fíor Solar teamed up with Powur PBC to liberate this couple from the relentless surge of escalating energy costs in Waretown, NJ. Our solar solution has empowered them to embark on a journey toward clean, sustainable energy, backed by a comprehensive 30-year warranty covering labor and equipment, including roofing.


This project is especially dear to us, as it not only allowed us to facilitate this couple's transition to clean energy and maximize their benefits but also fostered a lasting friendship we intend to cherish for years to come.


Waretown, NJ

Our Customers are Our Focus  IN EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ

One of our most cherished projects right here in New Jersey is a true testament to our commitment to quality and customer-focused solar solutions. In the face of stiff competition, including local solar counterparts and industry giants like Tesla and Sunrun, we stood strong.

Navigating challenges and leveraging our expertise, we handpicked the finest equipment for the homeowner's rooftop. What's more, our pricing proved highly competitive, setting us apart from the rest. Unlike others, we took an informative and educational approach, prioritizing the homeowner's understanding over a mere sale.


Respecting the importance of autonomous decision-making, we ensured that our customers never felt pressured. Our approach stands in stark contrast to the competition, making us a beacon of integrity and reliability.


For this project, we opted for REC 405 watt panels paired with Enphase Microinverters – a combination that seamlessly harmonized efficiency and performance. Now, the homeowner not only reaps the rewards of NJ SRECS but also safeguards against the ever-increasing costs imposed by utility companies.


East Brunswick, NJ

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